3 Renovations to Improve Your Second Hand Office Furniture

Revamping your old office furniture need not cost you a month’s worth of company profit. Even though you only have a small budget for a makeover, it is still possible to update your second hand office furniture and still get great results.

To start, check the wooden pieces among the furniture. Determine the wear and tear of each item to figure out how much work is necessary to update its look. In some cases, a wooden table would only require a bit of sanding then a couple coats of varnish to seal the deal.

Check the hardware on table drawers also because these may need to be tightened. To add a new look to the piece, it is a good idea to replace the old hardware with new and shiny knobs that have an interesting decor.

Other times, wooden furniture such as chairs would require a fresh paint job to make it look brand new again. Remember to use a primer before applying the desired color. To revamp its look further, you can opt to have it upholstered. The additional padding would make it inviting for anyone to sit on.

Office furniture can also be repurposed to add a new look to the space. Given that most offices have gone digital, many have little use for printed books or documents. Instead of gathering dust, bookcases that would previously be used to showcase these can be reused as shelves for office décor. Alternatively, citations or important certifications can also be displayed proudly on it.